Valhalla is a working African farm, where domestic  stock is integrated with wildlife in a scenically attractive area.  Game  viewing (over 30 mammal  species) and birding (over 120  species) are popular pastimes and the vegetation is interesting.
    Fishing  for black bass, tilapia, yellowfish, eels, grasscarp and trout can be enjoyed  in the dams.  For the sport hunter, grey rhebok, bushbuck and greywing  francolin may be hunted. (Obviously we have a lot more varieites of game than  this) Slaughtering facilities and a cold-room are  available.

    VALHALLA - South Africa: 3 hours from Durban in the QwaZulu (Natal) province

    Northern Natal.  On the Dundee-Greytown Road.  Travel 39 km from Dundee to the  Helpmekaar police station, then turn right down a steep gravel road  to the farm.


    Horseriding and scenic walks are available, and caves with  Bushman paintings can be viewed.  There are old iron smelting sites, Zulu  kraals, and adjacent to the farm, a cemetery where British soldiers,   victims of the British-\zulu battles at Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift, lie  buried.
    (This property now belongs to us).
    On the farm is a fort near Helpmekaar which the  Boers erected against the advance of the British in 1890.

    Valhalla lies in a valley varying from 1 289 m at the river to  1 586 m at the highest peak.  The topography is varied, with the bottom  of the valley climbing away on both sides with terraces and steep inclines,  giving a rolling effect to the broken rocky sections.  Very good examples  of weathering and fracturing of the dolerite formations are visible.   There are a number of springs.  Dams have been built on the high ground  and in the valley.  The vegetation is varied, with vleis and marshy  grasslands, acacia-dominated thornveld, and residual indigenous forest along  and at the foot of the krantzes.  Groves of mixed wild fig trees are a  feature at some elevations of the property.




    Pedrelli.jpg (10871 byte) The proprietor of Valhalla Hunting is Danilo Pedrelli, an Italian by birth and a geologist by training. Mr  Pedrelli spent many years prospecting deep in the bush in various parts of  africa and has haunted over much of the continent. His knowledge of African  fauna from the elephant to the smallest mammals is encyclopedic. But he can do  more than talk about hunting. He understands game and understands ecology in  the real sense of that word. The 3.000 plus ectares at valhalla are used as a  working farm with cattle and sheep, but the game take the precedence. At the  end of winter, the long grass off, but at valhalla, cattle were used to break  down and consume vegetation to create better conditions for the game. There is  no fence around Valhalla…

    (Guns review december 1991)


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